Create A Sustainable Fashion Brand

May 13, 2022

What are the foundations of a sustainable fashion brand?

A sustainable brand must adapt their foundations with sustainable development.

- Environmental quality: limiting environmental impacts
- Social quality: guaranteeing ethical working conditions for all employees (access to social protection cover, compliant working hours)
- Efficient economy: sustainable economy is the management of human activities without damage (neither on humans, nor even on the environment)

An eco-responsible production, but not only...

Reducing human’s impact on the planet is one of the major challenges of our era.

However,  a sustainable brand will have to take into account many factors.

Considering the brand as a whole is necessary as much as having an eye on all production steps. From the choice of recycled or organic raw materials to the production partner and its social and ethics involvement : every step has to be taken into consideration.

Be careful, what is "greenwashing"?

Greenwashing is when a brand declares itself sustainable, despite their damage effect on the environment. There are many certificates to support this –too- often used term. It is necessary to check the authenticity of the certificates. There are many of them, but Oeko-Tex and GOTS are the most common.

Source : The Fashion Business

Keywords : sustainable fashion brand, environment, greenwashing, certificates.

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