EU Moves To Legislate Sustainable Fashion: Will It Work?

May 13, 2022
In recent years, fast fashion has moved on to new production techniques that are more environmentally friendly. These eco-responsible industries are more and more abundant.


- Take care of the planet and its people

Through recycling:

Clothes, after use, will be recycled. In this way, rubbish tips are decluttered and the rate of waste on a long-term decreases considerably.

Possible or not ?

The European Union wants to change the way the fashion industry works, its production methods until it becomes sustainable and eco-responsible.

This strategy follows the following schema:

From design to production, through production chain and taking into account products at the end of life, ways of working are to be reviewed.
Towards a beautiful awareness...

Recognizing the impact of fashion on the environment and urgency to limit it is the first step towards change.

Many people find that we still have a long way to go and that changes must be more drastic and audacious.

« It's fantastic that we're starting to see legislation in different regions, but fashion is global. »

Seeing governments in the path of making a change in the textile environment is quite reassuring. Let’s see where it leads us ! Here at Friendly Factories, we care for our people and our planet. We do the best we can on our scale !

Source : Vogue Business

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