Green Energy In The Textile Industry

May 13, 2022

Green energies - a major issue of the XXIst century

The goal is to contribute significantly to protection of the environment, and reduction of greenhouse gases emission. We are lucky in Portugal. We have the sun, the wind and the water. It gives direct access to green energy. The government focuses on how to renew those valuable sources in our daily consumption. Therefore, it appears that Portugal is one of the most environmentally conscious countries. The textile industry has developed considerably thanks to the creation of sustainable and eco-responsible companies.

Portugal is very concerned about protection of the planet and mainly uses electricity from renewable sources. Our textile factories use solar energy for example. We only get power from our natural energy : the sun.

Towards green energy

  • Installation of solar panels has become a very common practice in Portugal, and more and more all over the world. Portugal even provides natural energy for its neighbours.
  • In Portugal, renewable energy is also from wind and water. With nearly 250 wind farms installed, wind energy represents a significant portion of the daily energy consumed in Portugal.
  • Hydraulic energy is also predominant, and there are numerous installations in Portugal.

From green energy to textile production

Portugal, attentive to its impact on the environment, has developed many green solutions in its production. Indeed, the textile industry is a very common field in Portugal. Many factories, like ours, use solar energy. Harvesting the power of the wind makes us quite proud also ! We filter and recycle water in our dying houses to avoid massing waste of water.

Portugal has so much to offer in terms of sustainability. We are lucky to represent this country through international clothing brands !

Source : Textile Magazine

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