Greenwashing, What Is It?

May 13, 2022

Greenwashing is a marketing technique, aiming to appear as an ecological and responsible organisation, while it has a harmful impact on the client’s trust. By means of abusive communication, even misleading, organisations use ecological arguments in an inappropriate way.

How can you as a consumer avoid this unethical practice?

As a consumer, you can avoid being an accomplice to this practice. For example, by turning to "slow fashion" which fights against overproduction of clothing, aiming to consume less but better.
Check labels - labels are a good indicator of ecological impact of the company.

Be careful

Some companies use fake labels to deceive consumers. Some companies, some brands, create labels without any legal value. The goal is to appear as an environmentally friendly company.

This practice is more difficult to spot and to avoid.

Some examples of green labels guaranteeing a limited impact on the environment:

GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard)



EU Ecolabel – Clothing and textiles


Companies that use this dishonest practice consider environmental protection as a source of profit and not as a responsibility to preserve the environment, resources, and common natural heritage.

Don’t forget : Green is just a colour, not a practice ;)

Source : Business News Daily

Keywords : Greenwashing, environment, labels, ecological.

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