How To Market Different Generations

May 10, 2022

Baby Boomers


Grandmas and grandpas? This group will constantly tell you about “the good old days”, but don’t get the wrong impression - baby boomers are still digitally connected!
-Desktop computers marketing strategy for e-commerce, as over 80% of baby boomers consistently spend time browsing and shopping online.
- Traditional media, such as newspapers, magazines and television are also marketing channels that work for baby boomers.
- Facebook target ads, you can target a specific age range.
-Videos that are slower in pace and packed with useful information, but avoid live videos, GIFs or blaring and high intensity music, this could be overwhelming for boomers.
- Discounts or cash coupons third direct mail, as this generation was brought up to value every cent ;)

Gen x


Gen X was 1st to adopt technology by using a pager mobile phone and desktop and laptop computers at home. Gen X is often overlooked despite accounting for 25% of the population. They’re less impulsive and research thoroughly before buying. Research online, purchase offline (ROPO) is it come on shopping behavior of Gen X
- Email is a good way to reach Gen X
- Digital videos work best with this group since they grew up during the defining time of music videos, in VHS videotapes and DVDs made personalized entertainment possible.
- Good market, emphasize selling points such as luxurious, exclusive and high quality when talking about your products, because Gen X is willing to spend more for better products!
- Using loyalty programs, emphasizing saving can keep Gen X loyal ;)

Gen Y / Millennials


What you should know, Gen Y is plugged in and globally connected. They check their phones approximately 150 times a day and they’re constantly using social media networks. They’re conscious about brand identity and are willing to stay loyal to Brands. Their moto is: if you like it buy it!
- Social media for mobile devices and update your platforms frequently
- Appealing visuals and straight to the point as Millennials have a short attention span and respond favorably to infographics
- Reviews from other users and customers, encourage your customers to post photos and feedback on your product.
- Sponsor Influencers to give feedback through social media, as over half of the Millennials are more influenced by what their peers post
- Reply to their comments no matter whether they are positive or negative, because this group wants instant recognition.

Gen Z / Centennials


Online identity is vital to Gen Z. Time is it when you try to reach out to these digital we savvy teens. In fact, Gen Z has an attention span of a mere eight seconds xo
- Real people, or social media influencers, to share real life experiences in new products with viewers on YouTube.
- Real-time news in Livestream them on YouTube, Tiktok, Snapchat and Instagram. Facebook is less favored by Gen Z.
- Social influencers act as a bridge between your marketing message and your audience.
- Direct and simple ads, as Gen Z has the shortest attention span for all generations.
- Short delivery time to fulfill their expectations of immediacy, such as same day delivery.

Did you see? There are different ways of targeting the right public, just make sure to do your homework right and you will have great chances of finding what you look for!

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