Manufacturing In Portugal, Why ?

February 21, 2019

Even if the European countries with low labor costs are required to respect the regulations enacted by the European Union, this is not the case for the other low-cost countries. In general, the working conditions are deplorable. It remains difficult by having production on the other side of the world to ensure the working conditions of the employees. Agreements have been put in place, especially on security since the Rana Plaza episode, but their insufficiency has already been pointed out, as they only cover a tiny part of the problem. In addition to the deplorable working conditions, the fabrics are often of poor quality, and sometimes even harmful to health, whether in the choice of synthetic materials or natural materials of poor quality because they are intensively cultivated.

So, Portugal, okay but why?

It is a favorable work environment:

Portugal is in the European Union as well as the euro zone and respects all European standards, both in terms of labor legislation and product safety and quality standards. This quality is certified by independent labels such as OEKO-TEX. The social climate and the companies are stable here. The employees work in good conditions certified by standards such as SA8000.

Beyond this healthy legal framework, it is above all the quality of the production units that is recognised, built on ancient know-how. In fact, clothing is now one of Portugal's economic flagships, supported by the Portuguese state, and represents 3% of national GDP and 10% of exports. Portugal is now recognized as the country of manufacturing.

Overall, what makes Portugal strong is its mastery of the entire production chain:
  • The raw materials are produced on site, which gives us more choice and greater customization of the models;
  • The factories are equipped with the most advanced production technologies;
  • They demonstrate great know-how, at the forefront of personalization and textile innovation.

Keywords: Portugal, manufacturers, ethical, respect, sustainability, social.

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