Psychology Of Clothing

May 13, 2022

Clothing, a projection of oneself

Clothing is the first non-verbal communication that you exchange with society. Silent language allows others to form a first opinion of you.

Far away from its primary use : to cover oneself, to keep warm, clothes are a second skin revealing who we are, or who we want to be.

Clothes, a way to create an identity

Fashion is punctuated by consumer trends. Facing judgments, relationships with oneself, fashion is inseparable from a certain form of self-confidence. Through social networks, magazines, advertisements, fashion has become a way to express one's desires and personality.  

Fashion - unstoppable

Be careful about one thing, fashion will never define your value. However, we must be aware of the psychology of clothing, and its impact.
Despite changing trends, fashion will remain an indestructible and irreplaceable market. Clothes have an important place in our daily lives, and fashion influences people all over the world.

Source : Current Boutique

Keywords : Psychology of clothing, impact,  trend, fashion.

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