Recycled Fabrics: Better For The Planet. Why ?

May 13, 2022

Recycled fabrics are made from plastic waste. The use of recycled materials considerably reduces waste, and offers a second life to something already used.

How to obtain recycled fabrics?

There are several methods to obtain recycled fabrics.

Using plastic bottles drifting in our oceans:

- Plastic bottles are collected
- Bottles are crushed, then melted, until they are transformed into threads
- Threads is then woven into clothing from recycled polyester

From used clothing:

- Thanks to donations, used textiles will be recycled
-  Used textiles are shredded to a fibre state
- Fibres are then twisted into yarn

Recycled fabrics : better for the planet. Why ?

Recycled fabrics allow an ethical and eco-responsible production, contributing to reducing pollution, water and energy consumption.

Source : Bank & Vogue

Keywords : recycled fabrics, ethical, eco-responsible, plastic waste.

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