Sample Production? Everything You Need To Know About It

February 3, 2022

Step 1: Fabric and Trim Sourcing

Finding the correct suppliers that match your target price and requirements is a whole process in itself. We will send you swatches for you to feel and see the fabric. Once approved, we will then order enough yardage for sample making. This step can take up to a week.

Reminder : the sample yardage is the same quality but might not be the same color or pattern of your final design. The first round of prototype is to approve cut and fit.

/!\ Due to Covid-19, the fabric suppliers are the most exposed to initial supply chain disruption. This worldwide outbreak on textile brings delays and instability in prices.

Step 2: Pattern-making

Pattern development affects the fit, so you need to make sure it's accurate. Pattern making can be tricky and time-consuming; we will gladly help you find the right technical support!

Step 3: Creating the prototype

A prototype is the sample with the correct design features, including silhouette, proportion and details such as pocket location and size.

The prototype is made with a substitute fabric that is similar to the actual fabric, as sample yardage is usually not ready at this stage.

Step 4: Creating a fit sample

A fit sample is usually made with sample yardage based on the concluded prototype. A fit model will wear the garment so you can get the right fit and finalize your pattern.

Step 5: Sharing accurate prices

Calculate the estimated cost of each design based on the prototype production. As we respect the price estimation given initially, we rarely fluctuate prices on manufacturing. Only fabric prices can change but you will be informed beforehand.

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