Slow Fashion, What Is It ?

February 21, 2019

Slow Fashion

Fast-fashion is a fairly recent system, whose boom took place in the 1990s to 2000s, so imagining and implementing another model is quite possible. Going against the current trend of fast fashion, the slow fashion movement emerged in the 1990s to go against consumerism and to overcome the excesses of fast fashion, by adopting a sustainable lifestyle.

What is slow fashion?

In opposition to fast fashion, slow fashion is a movement that promotes the manufacture of clothing, with respect for the environment and workers. It is an alternative to fast fashion which aims to limit its clothing purchases to consume less but better.

To achieve this goal, slow fashion:

  • Uses materials with low environmental impact
  • Manufactures clothing while respecting social minima
  • Commits to reasoned production

How does slow fashion work?

Slow fashion is a less intensive production, in smaller quantities or in pre-order, taking all the time necessary to develop a garment, using the most responsible materials possible. In short, slow fashion is to favor the quality of the garment over the quantity.

Thus, the clothes are made of quality materials that last over time. Slow fashion therefore shares many values ​​with eco-responsible fashion, so much so that many people use these terms as synonyms.

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