Sustainable Options Rather Than Organic Raw Materials

May 13, 2022
During the production chain, textile industries face many challenges. Reducing water and energy consumption and minimising use of chemicals are the first solutions for eco-responsible companies.

Sustainability, when ?

During production steps, an eco-responsible company focuses on several aspects of sustainability such as :

- Production: reducing water and energy consumption during production steps
- Textiles: using sustainable fabrics
- Caring for wildlife: avoiding use of animal materials
- As far as environmental goes: limit waste production, reduce use of chemicals, use of solar panels


What are the alternatives? Where to start?

The impact on the environment starts at the product design step.

Use of natural fibers such as :

- Recycled cotton : from ocean waste and/or clothes already produced
- Linen
- Tencel : innovative material whose production is eco-responsible without excessive water consumption
- Fruit and vegetable fibre as an alternative to cotton or leather : banana, pineapple, agricultural waste, potato waste, grape,

Source : LEAD Innovation

Keywords : sutainability, production, textile industry, materials.

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