The Price Tags Guide

April 1, 2022

The brands name

Description: Describe with a few words: which product is this? What is the most important information you should share about this product?



Fabric Feature Icon: Is your product waterproof? Or permeable? What kind of important feature does it have?

Country Of Origin (of course, you must be proud of where your product comes from)

Stock Keeping Unit (SKU) is a code that identifies the size and color of each garment style. It is used for communicating with buyers, manufacturers, and internally within your company. It helps identifying products and obtaining product information without a code bar scanner.

Format: A SKU typically includes the garment’s color, size, season and manufacturer.
Created by: You or your company’s staff. Buyers might generate a separate SKU code of their one.

Style Number is a number that makes it easier to identify garments when communicating with buyers, manufactures, and internally within your company.

Format: Every company has their own format for generating a style number. You may include gender, line, categories and anything else you consider key information.
Created by: You or your company’s staff. Buyer might generate a separate style number of their own.

Price (you wouldn't think your price tag wouldn't have price xD)

Universal Product Code (UPC) is a barcode number uniquely assigned to each SKU and cannot be changed. You’ll find it on price tags and shipping cartons. It is not essential to have a UPC but retailers or distributors who have the UPC system may request a UPC from will be recorded and can be treated every time the barcode has been scanned and change status, such as transactions.

Format: A UPC is always a barcode.
Created by: this code can only be assigned by GS1 (an international supply chain stand organization).

If you add all these items, you will have a super complete price tag. Hope this was a helpful post (:

Source: The Fashion Business Manual by Fashionary

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