The Textile Industry In Portugal, A Qualified Know-How

May 13, 2022

Unrivalled Portuguese production

Portugal is known for its know-how in many fields, including the textile industry.

Especially for its textiles, leather goods, shoes, hats, cork...

Portugal uses artisanal methods, which add authenticity to their products. Considered “old-fashioned” for many years, Portugal sticks to its values. Yes, more and more suppliers are investing into new machinery. Though, those machines are handled with care and able to produce for top-notch brands. The secret caring touch of the passionate workmanship gives an irreproachable quality production.

Multiple benefits

Portuguese industries have developed and modernized over the years - rigorously transmitting Portuguese know-how across generations.

In terms of production, Portugal attracts with its recognized know-how, its geographical proximity, and lower production costs. Portugal has now emerged in the sphere of top clothing manufacturers.

Sustainability in Portugal

All Portuguese companies must conform to environmental legislation. Portugal gives an importance on respect to the environment, which guarantees sustainable production.

Source : Technology HQ

Keywords : Portugal, production, environment, know-how, quality.

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