The Ultimate Tech Packs Guide

March 9, 2022
A tech pack is a guideline provided by designers to factories. It explains the method of how to turn your idea into a physical product. It is important to be both clear and accurate or you may lose time and money if it’s incorrect. When producing with Friendly Factories, we can provide you with the service of tech packs, made by our in-house designers (:

Sketch - Should be an illustration with a flat drawing, photo or another interpretation of your design. Don’t forget to make the image big, so it is easy to see, it will help a lot the sewers (: Construction details are necessary, with front and back views, depending on the style. This should also include less obvious specific requirements and special effects. The illustration should be In color, ideally with fabric and other additional references.

Spec Sheet - This is the drawing or images of a product for measurement reference. All detailed measurements should be with Point of Measure (POM) instructions. And the measurements should have grading rules. In grayscale if you want to guarantee the garment will look exactly how you imagined ;)

Details - Make sure to enlarge special construction details, with measurements references!

Artwork - These are the drawings or images with color and material references. Make the instructions clear e.g flocking print. A small image of the design should help the sewers identify the artwork quicker (:  Use exact sizes, color, proportions and details. Ideally with fabric and other additional references.

Trims and Label - Pay attention now! This section should contain drawings or images of trims and label details for reference!! Ensure the instructions are clear, e.g. tape along the neckline. The drawing should be Ideally in color, with materials and other additional references.

Colorways - Very important: put color and fabric references of garment, including the color of threads and trims. Remember that swatches and color should be in corresponding order. And you should put color and fabric references for different combos. At Friendly Factories we use Pantone colors as reference, to make sure the final color will be accurate!

With this guide you shoudn't have issues when producing your garments, but make sure to double check with who is providing you the production service, maybe there's something else considered essencial.

Source: The Fashion Business Manual, by Fashionary

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