Vegetables: An Ethical Alternative To Animal Leather

May 13, 2022

Which vegetables for a quality leather?

- Pineapple

The Philippines already uses this ancestral method. Pineapple is an alternative to animal leather when woven with its fibers. A Spanish designer then marketed an innovative material: Piñatex.

This material is easy to work with in terms of appearance and material, it is visually similar to animal leather. This material is also eco-friendly and affordable.

- Forest fabric

Material made from latex (sap of the rubber tree). Hevea milk is poured onto cotton or jute cloth, fabric can be dyed with natural dyes. This alternative is similar to animal leather.

- Mushrooms

Mushroom skin is extracted and then worked in the same way as animal skins. This practice is supported by a new patented vegetable tanning process.

Studies have proven that these materials have many properties: moisture regulation, antibacterial.

- Green Engineered Material

Material made from natural fibers. This innovative material is water resistant, air permeable, this alternative to animal leather also offers a superior quality and can be declined in bags, shoes or any fashion accessories.

Source : Eco-Age

Keywords : Vegetables, animal leather, alternative, eco-friendly, animal-friendly.

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