What is a Pattern ? Why Is It So Important In The Production Chain?

May 13, 2022

Creating a pattern is tedious work that saves a lot of time in the design process.

Step by step:

- The key step, and the most meticulous one, is the drawing. This step is necessary to understand the customer's expectations and to clearly visualise the project on a flat surface.
- Cutting: fabrics are cut on the basis of the pattern, allowing to ensure the 0 risk in term of errors, and to save fabric.
- Assembly: After cutting, fabric scraps must be assembled to create a finished product.

The transition from a flat surface to a three-dimensional surface is a meticulous step that requires rigour and patience.

Why patterns are so important ?

Patterns are used to duplicate many pieces efficiently. A pattern becomes a reference model for the production of clothes in question. It represents the construction plan of clothes.

All the information needed to design a clothing item can be found in pattern.

Source : Jd Institute of Fashion Technology  

Keywords : pattern, clothes, design process, important.

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