What Is GOTS?

May 13, 2022
We sure love GOTS, but what is it exactly?

GOTS = Global Organic Textile Standards

It’s a certificate for products produced with organic fibers (:

The use of bleaches and chemicals are not allowed during the production process, to have the certificate it is a must to use treatment plants and a closed water cycle. The water must be filtered and no chemical waste is allowed.

The GOTS garments can’t even touch the “non GOTS” garments, to really assure the cleanliness and safety of the products. This requires special storage and transportation.

Since we’ve mentioned, to have the GOTS certificate it is necessary to fill all the requirements through all the production process to distribution.

There are many many requisites to be followed regarding ecology and also social ethics. The certification process is super restrictive, so you can be assured that when buying GOTS, the product follows the highests environmental and social criteria.

The certificate must be renewed every year, so the organization knows all the requirements are being followed.

Some of our factories have the certificate, but some factories prefer to dedicate their time and money to other types of environmental demands. Fortunately we have a lot of factories with different specialities so we can find the one that fits completely with your needs (:

Source: Global Standard, Cotton Be, Tee Factory

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