About us
The team behind Friendly Made is expert in development and production for fashion brands.

who are we?

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We have been working relentlessly for years to manufacture the best quality clothing in Portugal.
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Our team is filled with passionates. We are designers, manufacturers, and textile experts.
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We build strong relationships with our beloved clients with daily update and communication.

Sustainability and ethics

We have a selection of textile and manufacturing factories with the highest standards and certifications for eco-friendly productions and organic fabrics.
We believe that sustainability goes beyond the environment, and for that reason, all our factories are ethical - certified OEKO-TEX.
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what we do?

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From design to production, we develop full clothing lines for international clients.
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From start to finish, we've got your project covered with genuine care.
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We are ready to cater to all your needs ensuring a personalized hassle-free journey.
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Whatever your need, in design or production, we commit to our friendly values to assist you.
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Your satisfaction is not just a goal; it's our joy to make your garment experience exceptional!


Portugal stands as the hub of textile expertise in Europe, benefiting from its strategic location aligned with European trade policies and considerations of shipping cost and time.
Portugal is also renowned for prioritizing ethical working conditions and the well-being of textile manufacturers. Additionally, the country boasts a commitment to sustainability with the availability of eco-friendly fabrics.
A map highlighting different cities in Portugal, including Barcelos, Braga, Guimarães, Porto, and Lisbon. Each city is marked with pins representing different functions: production (dark green), sales (light green), and marketing (light green with a border). The map uses a green color scheme for the regions and pins, with a legend on the right explaining the color coding.